Why a Wedding Video

How many years has the bride dreamt about her very special wedding day?

Her handsome prince finally pops the question and all those dreams become a reality…the preparation begins!

Following months, in some cases years, of planning the most important day of her life, it finally arrives in all its splendour and glory. But, it passes by so quickly that many a Bride has been known to say ‘I wish I could do it all over again’.

The photographs may help to remind her of that very special day – the planned photo shoots, holding that perfect smile – but over the years her memory of the occasion becomes a blur.

For a short time after the wedding her friends will reminisce. Memories of the things that made their day so special but the Bride and Bridegroom could not possibly have witnessed.

This is how ‘Wedding Memories’ can assist by providing the happy couple with a record of all the special moments that created their day…and bringing all those special moments back to life:

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The Groomsmen waiting nervously
Family and friends arriving in their full wedding attire
The Bridesmaids arriving in their beautiful gowns
The Groom and Best Man anxiously awaiting the Bride’s arrival
And, of course the main event of the day…..

The Bride arriving in her special wedding transport
All this and much, much more
This is only a brief overview of the couple’s big day. A part they would not see without a videographer to capture their special Wedding Memories forever.

Wedding Memories, will capture the Bride and Bridegroom’s most treasured moments, and those special ‘behind-the-scenes’ events. Their Wedding Memories videographer will melt into the background but will produce some lasting memories that the Bride and Bridegroom, their families and friends, will want to re-capture time and time again.