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This is not a trivial matter and demand is often a source of pressure. Funny, grandiose, unexpected. Here is our selection of unusual marriage proposals.

Most musical

Malia arrived at Los Angeles International Airport after a visit to his family on the other side of the United States. She is surprised by a first guitarist singing for her, then a second, and yet another on his way. When she finally arrives at the baggage retrieval area, all the musicians gather and Austin, her boyfriend, appears. It makes its request. In a song, obviously. Malia is at the airport; she struggled to land.

The more “Selfie.”

A couple made a break pose, a banal selfie time. But now, the camera or smartphone does not work. A man inspects the object, explains that the device is in camera mode, and… Suddenly finds himself a knee to the ground before his companion, a hand ring!

The more cinematic

Ginny and her brother go to the cinema. But instead the trailers, Ginny view images showing a man ask the hand of his girlfriend to his father. “It is perhaps outmoded, it is perhaps not even necessary, but I wanted to do,” he says. We do not see faces but Ginny, she, well recognized the voices of two men. When the father says that he would like the young man to become his son-in-law, we finally view Matt, the companion of Ginny, as well as the father of the girl. Matt rushed through the garden, city, cinema and landed in the room to make his request.

The highest ever?

You are in hundreds of meters above the ground, at the top of the CN Tower in Toronto. With a group of friends, you’re going to jump to the elastic. Not really a great time to break out a ring of your combination and ask for the hand of your dear and tender. And yet, this man has done! Of course, this means don’t be afraid aloft. But his future wife will be able to say that he took her to the 7th Heaven.

The more ‘flashmob.’

A young woman is with a friend in a park in New York. Suddenly, a stranger takes it by the hand and asks him to sit at a table. “What happens?” she asks. Then a song by Michael Jackson sounds and thirty dancers appear in the Park. “Oh, I think I understand what is happening,” then launches the young woman. Then it’s a fanfare that invades the lawn. When it starts to play, the family and friends of the young woman make their appearance. Her boyfriend, who was in the band, then cleaves the crowd: “I did not know how to tell you how much I love you, and then I said to myself that I was going to bring some friends.”