Conversion Services

Digital or Analogue Tape Professionally Transferred to DVD

professional servicesWe can take your old videotapes or home movies and turn those fading memories of yesteryear into longer lasting digital tapes or DVD discs.

You may not be aware that all videotape has a limited lifespan. Increase the life of those treasured home movies on VHS tape before they become damaged or permanently lost forever. Once converted to digital format, it will retain it’s present quality and will not deteriorate. It is important to convert it before it becomes un-viewable

Having converted your home movies to digital format will give them many more years of use until the next, longer life media, becomes available. It is improving all the time but don’t wait until it is too late or you will be very disappointed.

The best, and easiest, way to save the contents of your old tapes is to transfer it over to a digital format. The most affordable digital format to archive your home videos at present is Digital Tape or DVD. We can also archive your VHS tapes to the best archive media at the moment, an external hard drive.

Transfer Options

transfer optionsThe cost is dependant on the length of recorded tape and the amount of work you require on your tape.

As an example, transferring a typical 60 minute VHS tape to DVD without editing would cost £15.00.

The editing of digital format is much quicker and so it becomes more cost effective to edit out unwanted footage, change the running order of events, or add headings or introductions. Editing is charged at £30 per hour.

Photo’s professionally transferred to DVD with the music of your choice – £15 per half hour


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