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Today we want to bring you to the southern hemisphere, on a visit to the red continent. Koalas, kangaroos and many other wild animals! You will understand, we are heading to Australia.

This land of diverse wonderful landscapes is known for being more than a dream and surprise each of its visitors.
If you had to assign an adjective to the Australian wedding, it would be “multicultural” probably the one that best fits. Indeed, the majority of marriages are multiethnic and many tourists choose this exotic destination to renew their vows.

In this article, we will focus on the history of marriage as the ceremony itself is very close to ours.

The history of marriage

flowers thrown during a marriageAustralia is a former British territory and colony, so it is no coincidence that its people are known for not express their feelings that much. Thus, the history of Australians and marriage has never always been perfect…

During colonization

End of the 18th century, the country was predominantly male. Convicts and settlers lived in a wild world without delicacy. The women were mostly British prisoners convicted of petty theft. So the men had little respect for them. The only way out of these women was to have a relationship with a man of power or to get married with the first guy they could find to escape bondage.
We can therefore say that until 1840, men have only seen the woman as a maid and a sex object in this country.

The Victorian period

The arrival of new settlers and the institution of installation have changed the vision of marriage in this country, new generations adhered to it.
Meanwhile, women’s status was slowly changing. They were now considered as a virtuous wife and mother. It is also important to note that in 1894, Australian women won the right to vote. Australia was the first country to give the right to vote to women …

The Roaring Twenties

The twentieth century began, work and stress were driving down the birth rate. Authorities were concerned but ended up realising that the Australian family was meant to be smaller than in the past.
The World War and the economic crisis placed the Australian men in a strange situation. They were depressed, easily found work and had not much to say at home.
This dug a new gap between women and men down under.

After the Second World War

This painful period reinforced the image of marriage and the family.
In the 60s, abundance and an easier way of life shaker the traditional Australian values.
The average age of marriage rose, and in 1975, the Family Law Act facilitated divorce. Cohabitation was therefore spread naturally.
This last point can give a sad image of the Australian marriage, yet the number of marriages has been stable since the 50s!

The Wedding Ceremony

The wedding ceremony is fairly standard. Depending on the beliefs of the couple, it can take place in a Catholic church, Anglican or other place.
The Australian wedding is very close to the European one especially here in UK, the only difference is that if the couple is united within the church faith, they may sign the register there. It is therefore not necessary to perform a civil marriage.

The Wedding day

On arrival at the church, the bridesmaids come before the bride. Girls have identical dresses and walk very slowly. You could almost believe you are in the middle of a movie. Then, the star of the day entered TADAAAA. She is wearing a white dress and carries her bouquet.

After this dramatic entrance, space is made for songs, scripture readings, preaching and the exchange of vows takes place. Tradition is that the priest asks the parents of the couple to bless the union. When done, he asks a question to the audience. “Family, friends, you are witnesses of these vows. Will you do everything in your power to support the couple in their marriage? “The congregation responds in unison” I will, “which means, that they are approving the union.

To conclude, the newly weds and witnesses sign the various registers with their passeports and pose for photographs.
Based on budgets, a drink or an evening in a hall following the ceremony is organised.
wedding ceremony by the beach

Today we wanted to share with you an incredible wedding video!

Let us know your thoughts about it?

This is not a trivial matter and demand is often a source of pressure. Funny, grandiose, unexpected. Here is our selection of unusual marriage proposals.

Most musical

Malia arrived at Los Angeles International Airport after a visit to his family on the other side of the United States. She is surprised by a first guitarist singing for her, then a second, and yet another on his way. When she finally arrives at the baggage retrieval area, all the musicians gather and Austin, her boyfriend, appears. It makes its request. In a song, obviously. Malia is at the airport; she struggled to land.

The more “Selfie.”

A couple made a break pose, a banal selfie time. But now, the camera or smartphone does not work. A man inspects the object, explains that the device is in camera mode, and… Suddenly finds himself a knee to the ground before his companion, a hand ring!

The more cinematic

Ginny and her brother go to the cinema. But instead the trailers, Ginny view images showing a man ask the hand of his girlfriend to his father. “It is perhaps outmoded, it is perhaps not even necessary, but I wanted to do,” he says. We do not see faces but Ginny, she, well recognized the voices of two men. When the father says that he would like the young man to become his son-in-law, we finally view Matt, the companion of Ginny, as well as the father of the girl. Matt rushed through the garden, city, cinema and landed in the room to make his request.

The highest ever?

You are in hundreds of meters above the ground, at the top of the CN Tower in Toronto. With a group of friends, you’re going to jump to the elastic. Not really a great time to break out a ring of your combination and ask for the hand of your dear and tender. And yet, this man has done! Of course, this means don’t be afraid aloft. But his future wife will be able to say that he took her to the 7th Heaven.

The more ‘flashmob.’

A young woman is with a friend in a park in New York. Suddenly, a stranger takes it by the hand and asks him to sit at a table. “What happens?” she asks. Then a song by Michael Jackson sounds and thirty dancers appear in the Park. “Oh, I think I understand what is happening,” then launches the young woman. Then it’s a fanfare that invades the lawn. When it starts to play, the family and friends of the young woman make their appearance. Her boyfriend, who was in the band, then cleaves the crowd: “I did not know how to tell you how much I love you, and then I said to myself that I was going to bring some friends.”

Wedding blogs are invaluable for any future bride in search of ideas. Zoom on five US sites to better organize your union.

Green Wedding Shoes

The American blog Green Wedding Shoes is an essential reference for the Organization of marriage. Real unions, galleries photos, ideas DIY, destinations for honeymoons, address book and even shop online: a goldmine of inspiration for any bride.

Martha Stewart Weddings

Woman of influence in the United States specializing in the art of living, Martha Stewart is imposed as the high priestess of weddings. Martha Stewart Weddings blog is an inexhaustible source of ideas. Special mention for heading Pinterest and his best of the 2013 inspirations.


Ruffled wedding photos, address book, and creative ideas has everything from the wedding blog as we like. With a peculiarity: a shop called online Recycle Your Wedding where the bride and groom purchase and resell their receiving deco elements. To constuler also: the comprehensive guide to flowers.

Style Me Pretty

Invitations, bridesmaids, and same topic for dahlias. On Style Me Pretty, the inspirations are classified by category, which enables practical and targeted searches as preparations for the wedding. Do-it-yourself ideas give fully of desires and the pleasant impression of being easy to make.

A practical Wedding

A Pratical Wedding blog differs from his classmates. If it also gathers a mine Info for the bride and groom, the Marriage heading & more also touches on more sensitive subjects away from the dilemma rice or rose petals at the exit of the Town Hall. Program: infertility, divorce, and feminism, because marriage does not only reduce the festivities of THE day.

Marriage in view but the art of preparation is not your thing? Don’t panic, John, aka bride of the panda, one of the references on the wedding blogs, will detail for you the essential steps until the big Day.

If the literature on the subject often tends to suggest that a marriage is necessarily organised in one year, in fact, there are very different situations. Between those who opt for a long period of engagement, and the impulsive who marry on a whim, there’s no standard pattern.

Good timing, therefore before all yours! And if you are frightened by the magnitude of the task, made an appeal to the services of a wedding planner, like Mr + Mrs.

1. the guest list

guests lining upEven if your first instinct is to kick you on exception rooms directories or sites from the creators of wedding dresses, it’s well on the list of your guests that we are going to look first.

The number of guests determines in effect the choice of room and, therefore, that of the date. It is also the variable that has the most impact on the budget to devote to the caterer, generally the largest item of expenditure on marriage. Suffice to say that the financial year deserves some attention!

Our quick tip for zero stress: take the time to talk with your promised before trumpeting the top and very happy elected they will have a seat at the wedding banquet. Indeed, what may seem like an obvious UI ‘ is quite normal that your mother prompt completeness of his aerobics club, after all, she sees these ladies all weeks – is not necessarily for “opposing party”… and vice versa!

2. the place of the feast

After intense and difficult negotiations worthy of a European Summit with your respective families, the famous list is finally stopped. Congratulations, you’ve done the hardest or almost! It is now time to search the room of your dreams. Sites like ABC and 1001 rooms to perform a search by criteria by filling in the number of guests, the region and the budget not to exceed. Attention, the most popular places are booked up to two years in advance!

Otherwise, the value remains word-of-mouth: cousin Martine to your Baker, do not hesitate to talk to everyone around you. Who knows, the room of your dreams is perhaps within reach of baguette! Think also to assure you that the venue for your ceremony is available on the same date. Once you find him, you’ll finally have this precious sesame for the rest of your preparations: the date!

3. objective dress!

wedding preparationWhy wait to have found the place of reception to choose her dress? Because it is not necessarily the same thing for a wedding the feet in the water or a ceremony in the large pump in a cathedral, part! Creator or specialty sign, times may be long: count between four to 10 months for the realization of your dress.

4. feasts, ask and dance

It is also time to complete your super team. Caterer, photographer, and the DJ are those that you need to book as a priority; the best have taken a long time in advance! Feel free to meet several, rely on word-of-mouth, and in the case of the catering, always ask for a tasting before signing.

5. of the art of making hand

Traditionally, we send announcements between three and four months before the big day. However, if you marry each other between June and September, it is a good idea to warn your guests more than six months in advance. This is done to ensure that they are not taken by another marriage or on a well-deserved vacation to the other side of the world. You can also opt for the save-the-date, a less formal version of the invitation nicely announcing your wedding to your guests.

6. the spiritual in art

It is also the time to start your religious preparation, if necessary. That you married religiously, or you have chosen to hold a secular ceremony, the choice of texts is also a moment of pause in your preparations: enjoy refocus you on your couple, far from the physical aspects of the feast.

the wedds